Studio Lighting


This interactive workshop shows you how to use studio equipment, followed by hands-on practice shooting in a studio with a model. Learn how to use light to get your desired results! 

You will learn how to:

  • Use various types of studio equipment.

  • Sync and shoot with strobes.

  • Set up a studio shoot.

  • Take professional quality portraits with artificial lighting.

  • Use soft boxes, umbrellas, beauty dishes, and more.

  • Adjust your camera settings when shooting with strobes.

  • Walk in studio and carry out a photoshoot from start to finish.

This workshop is very hands-on and ask-as-we-go style. It begins with a lecture style where we go over rules, how the equipment works, and what they are used for. After this we dive into shooting a model in-studio and having every student set up their own lighting. 

Knowledge with shooting in manual mode, is highly recommended for this class. Don’t know much about manual? Check out our Photography 101 Workshop to learn more about manual mode, and the basics of photography!


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This workshop is taught by Don. Don is the Digital Darkroom Editor for GlamModelz Magazine and his profession has taken him to various cities for work. Operating his own photography in the Treasure Valley for over 15 years, he brings specialization in various topics such as

  • Glamour Photography

  • Boudoir Photography

  • Senior Portrait Photography

  • Business Portrait Photography

  • Family Portrait Photography

  • Product Photography

  • Architectural Photography

  • Private Photography Lessons

  • Photography Workshops


All workshops last about 3 hours. Length will vary depending on workshop size. 

Purchase includes one FREE hour in Studio B.

Workshops are hands-on and interactive. Bring your camera ready to shoot!

We try to keep class sizes small since our workshops are interactive and we want everyone to get plenty hands-on practice. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Studio Lighting Workshop - Nov. 10th @ 3pm

Saturday, November 10th at 3pm.

Learn how to shoot with studio lighting in this interactive workshop. We will cover everything you need to know  in order to execute a successful photoshoot, followed by shooting time with a model.

We keep the atmosphere fun and educational for everyone. This is a very interactive workshop so come ready to shoot!

All workshops come with one FREE hours in Studio B to practice what you will learn! This workshop qualifies for a gold badge.

Full Price, $125

Please bring: your camera and lens/es.

We try to keep class sizes small since our workshops are interactive and we want everyone to get plenty hands-on practice. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Studio Lighting Workshop - Dec. 15th @ 12pm
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