This class is aimed for those who want to take the very important step of beginning to shoot in manual mode. The workshop is interactive and you will be shooting and practicing the entire time. We aim for this to be a very hands-on workshop where you can let loose and learn while having fun.

The workshop is in a learn-as-you-go style. We will explain one factor in proper exposure followed by practicing it. Then we will explain the next factor -- followed by practicing it as well. We will continue this trend until we have covered all of the aspects of shooting in manual mode. 

Only products or items are shot during this workshop. The duration will be about three hours. More or less.

Maximum class size: 10 people

Please bring:

  • Camera ready to use
  • Lens or lenses (we recommend staying below 100mm focal length)
  • Tripod. Let us know in advance if you need one
  • Camera manual or laptop 
  • Closed toe shoes

$80 for scheduled group workshops.

$300 for one-on-one workshops to fit your schedule.


Send us a message to schedule a one-on-one workshop or if you have questions.

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