Upstairs Membership (3x3 Membership) September 2019

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Studio Boise Photography Center Memberships.jpeg

Upstairs Membership (3x3 Membership) September 2019


 What is the Upstairs Membership? We’ve created the Upstairs Membership aka 3x3 Membership, for artists who are wanting to purchase 3 hours, in each of our upstairs photo studios (Studio A and B) (during business hours, by reservation)

Who can benefit from the Photo Studio Membership? Any photographer, model, etc., who is wanting to practice in-studio or who has photo shoots scheduled and need a space to shoot. It’s perfect for all photographers and models who need a space to produce images for their business, or just for fun, using our many colored backdrops! Perfect for seeing what each studio has to offer, and great if you have multiple different sized shoots.

The breakdown: This membership will save you a total of $25, so if you know you have a certain amount of hours you’ll be renting from us throughout the month anyway, this could be a great option for you!

Exclusions: The Upstairs Studio Membership (3x3) is only applicable for three hours each, in our upstairs studios, A and B. No rolling over unused hours into next month, this is a monthly membership, and the hours you don’t use will be forfeited, if not used within the month you purchased your membership for. This does not include reserving multiple studios at the exact same time (you can’t rent out multiple studios, on the same day at the same time) No walk-ins available, reservations only. Unlimited use of clean paper backdrop’s not included in membership. $3/ft for any paper we have to dispose of.

 Cost: Our Upstairs Membership (3x3) is a pay by month membership, costing $185 per month, (no minimum monthly requirement.)

Location: Studio Boise Photography Center 4619 Emerald St. Suite 106, Boise, ID 83706

Full Price: $185

If you have any questions or concerns, please email

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