We host a monthly shoot out, for photographers, models, and artists to network and work together in-studio!

Photos by Kat Watkins, Models (in order) - Kai Gyllenskog, Yao Yin, Crystal Herzberg, Kai Gyllenskog, Dalton Lowe, Tereza Tong


Who is allowed at our monthly shoot outs?
-Anyone and everyone!
-Models, Photographers, MUAH artists, other artists.

How do our monthly shoot outs work?
-Each month we choose a day to take a couple hours to host a FREE monthly shoot out.
-There will usually be a type of “theme” (ie., summer attire, Halloween, Christmas, Spring, Fall)
-There will be specific backdrops in each studio and different lighting set ups to explore, with a total of 4 different stations throughout the studio.
-This is all pretty “hands-off”, meaning we are more than happy to help with technical stuff and questions, but it’s up to you to jump in and model, switch stations and get photographs, and to explore the studios.

What are the rules of our monthly shoot outs?
Rule #1:
Be polite, be considerate of people’s time and space - share triggers, lights, backdrops, photographers, and models.
Rule #2: Please don’t bring in paying clients, it’s not a time for you to come in specifically to use free space/equipment to be making money. Please don’t take advantage of this awesome event.
Rule #3: Communicate with your models and photographers! Exchange emails, instagrams, facebook pages and websites.
Rule #4: No implied nude - this is an all age event!

Where do our monthly shoot outs take place?
-Our shoot outs take place throughout our studio, this gives you the opportunity to check out the studio, and see what us and the community has to offer!

Why does Studio Boise host monthly shoot outs?
We host these shoot outs…
-To bring the community together
-For photographers/models to meet each other, and play around in-studio
-Educational purposes (You’ll learn the basics of how to use a strobe/trigger, and to see what different lighting set ups can do!)

What do YOU need to bring?
We will have all studio aspects covered! (Lights, studio space, triggers)
Dress to impress, feel free to check out the “theme”, and bring business cards
Be camera ready, grab your lenses, and come ready to shoot! (Our lenses are 50% off in-studio, if you have a lens you want to play with, this would be a perfect chance!)
Bring your business cards, and if you want to, do some MUAH for a model, and bring them along to show off your skills and meet other models/photographers.
Other Artists:
This is a networking event, and all artists are welcome to just come in and say hi!

Please message kat.watkins@studioboise.org for questions about monthly shoot outs


Upcoming dates to be determined…

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