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What the heck does JFF stand for? Just For Fun.


Why #JFF

After working with so many photographers we noticed something we all have in common. We all get burnt out or find ourselves in creative slumps. It's part of the creative lifestyle we as photographers experience and it's inevitable. 

We believe there is so much to gain from shooting JFF and want to highlight the benefits.  You grow the most outside of your comfort zone or when you don't have boundaries holding you back and we want to help promote the growth of creativity. We all know the world could always use more art.  

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studio boise photography center campaign
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Here are some shots taken in studio #JFF.

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Want to try shooting in studio JFF?

We work with a lot of people who don't have experience shooting in studio or with strobes - but we love sharing knowledge! The best natural light is around 11am - 2pm, or watch this quick video to learn how to set up strobes. We are hard at work putting together a video sharing enough information to get you started with strobes, then it's up to you to practice and learn the ropes (or sign up for one of our workshops). We're not just trying to sell you, we want to be a resource you guys can use.  Plus, it's easy to learn once you get your feet wet.

Grab a friend and come in to practice JFF. That's how we all got started on this creative life after all. We're here to help.

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