Introduction to DSLR Video Workshop

These classes are taught by,   Chad  .

These classes are taught by, Chad.

Chad is a Boise based photographer & videographer.  With over a decade in photography experience ranging from sports to weddings, Chad eventually made the move into producing, shooting and editing all of his own video content.  He has worked with top food and beverage brands and cutting edge athletes to create original and engaging video content for digital marketing.  With a degree in Education and a passion to meet new people, Chad hopes to offer something new to the amazing Boise community by offering this class.

Check out his work, below!

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DSLR Video Workshop


Do you love watching videos?  Have you thought about Vlogging or starting a Youtube page?  If so, then this Introduction to DSLR video workshop is a one-stop shop.  Learn about everything from cameras to creating a Youtube page and more.  Learn ways to produce videos on virtually no budget and the best settings for each kind of shot you want to capture.

What will you be learning in this class?

  • Discussion of the different types of cameras you can use. (Everything from iPhones to Mirrorless cameras.)

  • Discussion of editing software and basic editing techniques.

  • Example shots and discussion of the ways to capture them. (Moving shots, still shots, creative shots, etc…)

  • Introduction to posting and sharing your videos.

  • Discussion of the platforms you can use and how to utilize them properly. (Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, etc…)

  • Tips on building a Youtube page.

  • My 5 best tips to shooting video.

*** This is not a class about vlogging on Youtube but the information learned in this class can be applied to any kind of video production.

We will have a hands on portion of this class, giving you a chance to try out some of the techniques and equipment.

A DSLR camera that can shoot video is not necessarily required for this class, but a phone or something that shoots digital video is necessary.


All classes last at least 2 hours. Length will vary depending on workshop size. 

Cost: $100

We try to keep workshop sizes small since they are interactive and we want everyone to get plenty hands-on practice. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Workshops are hands-on and interactive. Bring your camera ready to shoot!