Event Area

(Studio C and the Gallery)

Stair access only

$50/hr or $75/hr


Please note that any photos up in the gallery, will stay up regardless of the event planned.

Check out our bundles, and see which one works best for your event!

Please note that any events happening outside of business hours, cost an extra $20 per hour. Please see FAQ for details on our after-hour scheduling.

$50 "Small Bundle" includes - Studio C area, the Gallery, fan, and bluetooth speaker.
$75 "Large Bundle" includes - Studio C area, the Gallery, fan, bluetooth speaker, 2 tables, a projector, 10 folding chairs, and coolers. (Also includes someone upstairs greeting and directing guests downstairs.)
$200 per hour, for special event Full studio Rental, upstairs and downstairs (contingent upon other events at the studio, and shoots previously booked) Send email to kat.watkins@studioboise.org, with questions in regards to this.

No matter the bundle, Event Area Rental Includes

✔ Stuido C and Gallery area
✔ Wi-Fi
✔ Bluetooth speaker
✔ Fan
✔ Any alcohol at events can only be served by SB employees, which causes automatic upgrade to $75 "Large Bundle"
This area is located in the basement. Stair access only
✔ Please note that upstairs studios may still be in use during your event
✔We may have after hours availibility depending on the date, but any after hours exceptions will cost $20/hr on top of our regular rates. (We'll waive this fee for the first hour if the whole event is outside of our regular hours)
✔ Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian at event, for the duration of the rental