Event Area

(Studio C and the Gallery)

Stair access only

$50/hr or $75/hr


Please note that any photos up in the gallery, will stay up regardless of the event planned.

Check out our bundles, and see which one works best for your event!

$50 "Small Bundle" includes - Studio C area, the Gallery, fan, and bluetooth speaker.
$75 "Large Bundle" includes - Studio C area, the Gallery, fan, bluetooth speaker, 2 tables, 10 folding chairs, TV, and coolers. (Also includes someone upstairs greeting and directing guests downstairs.)
$200 per hour, for special event Full studio Rental, upstairs and downstairs (contingent upon other events at the studio, and shoots previously booked) Send email to kat.watkins@studioboise.org, with questions in regards to this.

No matter the bundle, Event Area Rental Includes

✔ Stuido C and Gallery area
✔ Wi-Fi
✔ Bluetooth speaker
✔ Fan
✔ Any alcohol at events can only be served by SB employees, which causes automatic upgrade to $75 "Large Bundle"
This area is located in the basement. Stair access only
✔ Please note that upstairs studios may still be in use during your event
✔We may have after hours availibility depending on the date, but any after hours exceptions will cost $20/hr on top of our regular rates.
✔ Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian at event, for the duration of the rental