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Here's how it works

  • Schedule your camera & lens drop-off below.

    • You will need your camera, lens, fully charged battery, and SD card.

  • Regular 3-day turnaround (example: drop off Monday, pick up Thursday).

  • 1-day turnaround services is an additional $40 per lens or camera.

  • We'll call you when your equipment is ready for pick up!

studio boise photography center equipment services calibration sensor cleaning

Why Lens Calibrations?

Are your photos coming out blurry or soft even though you're focusing properly? This could mean your calibration is off. Lens calibration is specific to each camera and lens. This means you should fine tune the autofocus on your camera to every lens you own. Autofocus precision can change over time through normal use or extreme temperature change.

The lenses that are most important to calibrate are  your primary lenses for portraits, events, and wildlife photography since they tend to require a large amount of detail.

What you get with every calibration: 

  • Autofocus calibration specific to your camera and lens/es.

  • The sharpest image quality possible for each lens.

  • An in-depth report showing the changes that were made including the consistency of focus upon request.

$75 per lens - supported cameras link below

studio boise photography center equipment services calibration sensor cleaning

Why Sensor Cleaning?

Have you noticed black specks or dots in your photos even after wiping your lenses clean? Sometimes you need a deeper clean that goes beyond the surface of your glass. Getting your camera's sensor cleaned by our trained and certified professionals will allow you to capture spotless photos. 

The frequency of your camera's sensor cleaning depends on how often and where you shoot. If you're shooting near sand on a windy day you risk the chance of dust getting in your sensor. 

What you get with every sensor cleaning: 

  • Internal cleaning of image sensor, focus screen, and mirror.

  • External cleaning of viewfinder and LCD screen.

  • Dust-free external body.

$80 per sensor cleaning or

$20 for a dust check (no cleaning)


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