We’re always interested in collaborating with all kinds of artists, businesses, and non-profits - let us know of any ideas you have!

Photos by Adam Haines, and Denise Ramirez


Who does Studio Boise collaborate with?
-We collaborate with any artist we can have a symbiotic relationship with
(Artists who we can benefit from, and they can benefit from us)

What does a collaboration with Studio Boise entail?
-Generally what we have to offer is studio space, equipment, or promotions/networking
-We get the chance to work with each other at little to no cost to party’s involved

Where do collaborations take place?
-This is really dependent on the type of collaboration, and what type of artist you are
(Most of the time studio space will be involved, but equipment, or services are possibilities)

Why does Studio Boise do collaborations?
-For the benefit of all involved parties
-For networking
-For trade of services or products
-To stay connected to the community


Holler at us if you want to talk details for a collaboration!

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