Our Story

Boise has a very unique creative community and it is growing quick. This was the inspiration behind the idea that started it all. We started Studio Boise with the idea of having a community-supported creative space where artists can bring their clients, host a workshop, or simply get creative. We  continue to try and keep the atmosphere fun, relaxed, and judgment-free. We believe artists and creatives work best when they feel at home, and that's what we hope to accomplish.

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Scott Williams - Owner

Interested by the multiple sides of business and seeing the creativity Boise has to offer, Scott saw the need for the use of a photography studio available for all to use. He brings great expertise as a previous business owner and with 13 years of sales experience.  He enjoys riding down the greenbelt, traveling to new places, and trying new foods.

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Denise Ramirez - Owner

Passionate about photography! Denise has a bachelors degree in Marketing and extensive experience behind the camera. She operates the studio and also specializes in commercial and lifestyle photography. You can usually catch her walking her dog or somewhere listening to live music.

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