• Learn basic studio lighting.
  • Gain hands-on studio experience.
  • Shoot with a live model.
  • Set up & break down an entire studio set up.

We aim to have fun while walking you through an entire semi-styled photoshoot. You will leave with the experience and knowledge of having used studio equipment, knowing light set ups, and working with a live model. Our workshops are geared to work with photographers with little to no experience working in-studio. We will cover the basics such as rules, terms, portrait light patterns, etc. Maximum workshop size is 6 people in order to allow everyone to participate. 


  • Studio use
  • Equipment use
  • Snacks
  • Third party fees: model, makeup, & hairstylist
  • Professional styling provided by local boutique 
  • A relaxed environment to learn
  • Minimum attendance: 4 people
  • Maximum attendance: 6 people

This workshop begins with a lecture-style session in which we discuss studio rules, equipment you will be using and how to use it. We will go over the types of light styles we will try to achieve followed by hands on experience. You will shoot with a live model with professional hair & professional makeup done. Photo shoots might include props laying around the studio.

The entire duration should be about three hours, more or less. We will provide snacks for students as we know how 'hangry' someone can get during a photo shoot. 

This is a collaborative workshop and you are expected to be involved, participate, and be creative. We aim for this to be a fun and entertaining workshop where you can let loose and work on gaining new photography skills. 

* We will only continue the workshops if the minimum attendance is met. We reserve the right to reschedule class date if minimum attendance is not met 7 days prior to workshop date. 

*This workshop must be taken prior to other studio light workshops. (We discuss rules, tips, studio lingo, etc.)

$175 for scheduled group workshops.

$300 for one-on-one workshops to fit your schedule. Model, hair stylist and makeup artists are not provided in individual workshops. Bring a friend to model for you! 


Send us a message to schedule a one-on-one workshop or if you have questions.

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